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  • This BLOG has a double purpose. It aims to contribute to the discussion and development of the academic field that could be situated in between complexity theory, knowledge management, innovation and learning; in summary a more holistic and systemic approach to management. As such it reflects the activities that take place in the Euromed transversal research track on this subject. The Home Page and the Reading host this contribution. In the News and Discussion sections, this BLOG is used to animate courses in the area of “Complexity and the Networked Economy”, "Knowledge Management and Learning" and "A quantum interpreation of business".

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Roy Grubb

I would like to invite you to try a tool that I have developed over the last few years as a small contribution to reducing complexity in one area: Maintaining and finding reference material. This uses the mindmapping or concept mapping approach but overcome some limitations by working in three dimensions. The software is called 3D Topicscape and can be found at

It aims to overcome the limitations of a 2D presentation of notes, computer files and folders by building a 3D landscape that is laid out according to the associations between topics that the user specifies.

There is some valuable indexing and word searching software available free nowadays, but it always assumes that the user can think of the word or phrase that the original author used. 3D Topicscape allows users to search by concept as well as by word.

I would be interested in your view on the value of this, particularly in the context of management's needs today to marshall, control and share ever-more complex collections of information.

Roy Grubb

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