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  • This BLOG has a double purpose. It aims to contribute to the discussion and development of the academic field that could be situated in between complexity theory, knowledge management, innovation and learning; in summary a more holistic and systemic approach to management. As such it reflects the activities that take place in the Euromed transversal research track on this subject. The Home Page and the Reading host this contribution. In the News and Discussion sections, this BLOG is used to animate courses in the area of “Complexity and the Networked Economy”, "Knowledge Management and Learning" and "A quantum interpreation of business".

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Etienne Laveau

I'm currently following a class called Ethics and Globalisation" given by a representative of the UN in France. We worked on the Global Compact project and its Ten principles(
It might seem an impossible goal to reach if we look at it in a capitalistic way but it is a basis of what we, as future managers, could improve in business and involve ourselves in a better globalisation. This should be learned in school (just like Euromed is doing right now) and the exemple is starting to be set by major mutlinationals... so we have to take ethics in account in our way of thinking because apart from beeing a way of life it might be the next step in every compagny's development.

Cedric Chambault

Can a company make a loss to avoid destroying Earth?
I have watched The Corporation, released in 2004 - synopsis: .
This movie is a work on the nature/identity of a corporation. It shows how the corporation has become an amoral person. The first purpose of a company is to make money for the holders. Most companies have this narrow view. The consequences of their activity are so called externalities.
Ethics and vision are challenges which question the real purpose of a company and our role on Earth as human beings. Can we keep on making everything on Earth ours?
The challenge is to implement a new paradigm that would stop the way corporations have worked since the Industrial Revolution. We need a new revolution that go over the economic field.
"We do not fly but we fail. We become aware before crashing"

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