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I find the idea of a living earth, adapting itself to its environment very interesting.

As a company, we can draw some concepts that can be good to keep in mind.

Our environment is changing because of us and permits to evoluate in the same way of its inhabitants. So we do not evoluate in a non moving structure but this one adapts itself to our work, our life.

It is not a trivial point because it allows us to be creative (up to a certain point) and makes us think more freelier than we use to.

For example, we don't have to adapt ouselves to the campany we work in an extremly way. The company will take the shape of its 'inhabitants'.

It emphasis the idea that nobody is able to predict futur and unknown things may happen.
Then each decision is going to be overpasted after a certain period of time.

But Gaia theory can also highlight the fact that ouside environment changes our life condition, thing that can also be drawn in parallel with business world.

pb gives some easy, practical and understandable info about how to limit your personal emission of green house gasses.

fred caens

People have always been used to think that environment conditions life. The Gaia theory states that life conditions our environment (biosphere, atmosphere, and so on...).
So, as deloux said it above, a company (or any kind of organisation or structure) will adapt itself to the shape of its inhabitants.

But, if we only take into consideration this statement, this mean there is no reversal, only life influences our environment, environment doesn't influence life.
Life, environment, are part of a systemic approach, life is influenced by the surrounding environment as much as life influences our environment.

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