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  • This BLOG has a double purpose. It aims to contribute to the discussion and development of the academic field that could be situated in between complexity theory, knowledge management, innovation and learning; in summary a more holistic and systemic approach to management. As such it reflects the activities that take place in the Euromed transversal research track on this subject. The Home Page and the Reading host this contribution. In the News and Discussion sections, this BLOG is used to animate courses in the area of “Complexity and the Networked Economy”, "Knowledge Management and Learning" and "A quantum interpreation of business".

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I agree with the fact that my reality could be only what I think is true, as shown in George Orwell's book, 1984. Anyone who wants to be convinced should read it.


For those who don't want to read the novel, I can explain myself. In 1984, the world (or at least big part of it) is ruled by totalitarism. Anything that is issued is controled and approved by the dominating class if it complies with their needs. And what they need is that the other classes don't make a revolution to keep the power which is based on big brother's image of perfect leader. Because BB is perfect he can't be wrong and, if needed, History is changed. And as he cannot predict everything, History doesn't comply with his prediction. So the ruling class makes the other ones modify every historical writting, every book and so, in order to erase the past and build a new one. And as people would die one day or another, the real human memory is composed of tricky writtings and videos. Now I ask, how would be the reality of someone who was born after every writtings and videos had been modified? Wrong in fact. So the reality is what we think is true and not what really is.


I have a question. I think that's thierry is propably right, but if we create our own reality by our conscience of what is true, how can we share reality with other people? I think that's possible because we change your reality thanks to our meetings. So that isn't to dangerous to create is own reality in a management concept. I don't know if there is a difference between innovation and just create is own reality.
Give me your opinion Thierry!
P.S. When we create our reality based on what we think is true, we can be seen as mad!
I find a nice weblink which talk about reality and the concept of "mecanique quantique" which illustrates what Walter said.

vishal shah

conscious and unconscious both r part of ur mind.Your unconscious mind is the part of you that learns, not your conscious mind. Now, you may have thought that you learned consciously in the past, and although your learning has to go through the conscious mind, it is your unconscious mind that remembers everything. Everything, once learned, resides in the unconscious mind.
Think about all the things you have ever learned. Until the subject was mentioned, how many of them did you remember consciously? Probably none! If you had to remember all the phone numbers you know consciously, there wouldn't be enough room for anything else, would there? So all learning takes place at the unconscious level.
Your unconscious mind would really like to be in rapport with your conscious mind. In fact your unconscious mind yearns for rapport. It wants your direction and support, and it would like to do what you asked if you only knew how. If you are not feeling there is rapport between your conscious and unconscious mind, it may be because you were giving confusing messages to the conscious mind.

Think of all the phone numbers you have learned, and which you now know. For example, you know your home phone number, do you not? If you'd like to do this with me, please say it to yourself. Now before you were thinking of your home phone number, where was it? Obviously it was stored somewhere, of which you were not conscious - that is your unconscious mind - the part of your mind of which you are not conscious, right now. What's important about that is that all your learning - everything you have ever learned - is stored in your unconscious mind.

puech julien

if someone wants more precisions about molecules and your brain's functions, i can explain to you but in french because it's very complicated and i haven't enough vocabulary in english. I have got a DEA (master 2 in research) in biochemistry. Neurobiological phenomen is not my speciality but i've got a little knowledge about it.

RAY Niraj

Conscious mind can indeed be able to modify unconscious mind...i do accede with this statement absolutely. It is believed that unconscious mind has everything in it. Every damn thing existing in this world is contained by the unconscious mind.
this can be exemplified by Newton's law of gravitational force. Newton saw an apple falling from a tree to the earth. From that very moment he started to think as to why things fall down and do not go up. He started his search for the answer by raking his unconscious mind consciously. He worked hard, did brainstorming, connected different links together and eventually came out with the law called law of gravity.
This shows that almost everything resides in ones unconscious mind and needs to be brought out into reality with the help of conscious mind by uncovering layer of ignorance covering knowledge.
Hence, it can rightly be said that conscious mind can modify unconscious mind through appropriate methods.


je pense qu'il est important de ne pas confondre réalité et vérité.
d'après moi , chacun developpe sa propre conception de la réalité à partir d'éléments qui lui paraissent etre vrais.
a ce niveau la, personne ne peut etre dans l'erreur, on parlera seulement de divergence d'opinions.
on peut ici citer du mythe de la caverne de Platon.
c'est pourquoi le fait de dire que la réalité de chacun est vraie me parait etre tout a fait exact.
a partir de la on peut se demander si la communication est possible sachant que la réalité de chacun sera différente ?
ma réponse est oui, en effet quoi de plus enrichissant que d'échanger ?
un point est toutefois à souligner est le mot echange en effet le but n'etant pas de manipuler ou influencer !!

sur ce sujet la je trouve très interessant d'avoir cite 1984 de georges orwell.
je pense que ce livre peut eclairer un grand nombre d'entre nous sur la réalité et les utilisations qu'on peut en avoir.
bien que le resumé de thierry soit très bien fait je ne peux que vous conseiller de lire ce livre .


reality is the vision of the thoughts. each man can have its own reality and perception. It comes from culture and religion. So reallity is a concept.
What i mean is that you see what you want. If you believe in God you will believe in the eternal life and that he has created the world. So you have an different sensation and a different vision of things.
do you agree


Le paradigme de la complexité nous dit « on voit le monde de la façon dont on veut le voir ». cette affirmation est clairement illustrée par l’exemple commun des différentes interprétations qui peuvent en découler, d’un dessin, ou même des différents automatismes auxquels nous sommes tous soumis. Ainsi, l’exemple les difficultés de Galilée à être crédible lorsqu’il à découvert que la terre était ronde, permet d’expliquer, et même de prouver en quoi l’originalité peut être génératrice de richesse et de découverte. Nos propres acquis pourraient donc pervertir, du moins influencer notre propre vision des choses. La réalité serait donc un processus inconscient conciliant à la fois des éléments physiques, peut être même héréditaires, selon l’article du magasine Noetic Society Candace Pert, et nos expériences passés. On comprends alors, au regard du nombre important d’ éléments nécessaires à l’élaboration de celle-ci, qu’elle est finalement propre à chacun. Mais plus loin que cela, la réalité est le fruit de constructions mentales personnelles, tout comme le langage est un moyen de la construire. Dès lors, si la réalité n’est rien d’autre que ce que quelqu’un considère comme vrai, la transmission d’une réalité n’est pas possible, elle ne pourra être intégrée de manière parfaitement identique par un autre individu. La réalité est donc un concept unique, et intransmissible.


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