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  • This BLOG has a double purpose. It aims to contribute to the discussion and development of the academic field that could be situated in between complexity theory, knowledge management, innovation and learning; in summary a more holistic and systemic approach to management. As such it reflects the activities that take place in the Euromed transversal research track on this subject. The Home Page and the Reading host this contribution. In the News and Discussion sections, this BLOG is used to animate courses in the area of “Complexity and the Networked Economy”, "Knowledge Management and Learning" and "A quantum interpreation of business".

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I am not really familiar with the database industry, but I do know something about learning. My view is that now days al lot of research is not in contact with the problems it arised from. Of course it is really good to try and invent new ways of looking at things and new possible solutions to problems that existe in this world, that way the world and it's knowledge keep on developing. But the problem seems to be that on that path of new developments, we sometimes seem to forget to look back at the problem we started with, and to see if we are making a difference for the people that are dealing with that problem. Sometimes new developments bring us further from the real situation.


thanks to new technology we're able to find many informations and databases. I sometimes wonder how did the students before the Internet. however we should have some lessons to teach us how to select informations. We have access to so many informations that we sometimes don't the principal information. The other problem is that we are not always used to new technology. But when we get used with them it opens to us many doors.

New technologies offer to us a new way of learning. We are more open minded and are able to discuss with people from different countries;


It is true that new technologies enable us accessing to huge databases.Developping those access is great but shouldn't we first take care of the quality of the information available? Internet is such a huge database that we don't know anymore what is valuable or not. Developing information access is great but quantity does not imply quality and I'm afraid it could be dangerous.


firstly i would like to thnak to mobile technology. as we all know new events comes with opprotunities and problems but their is always solution for problems so if we thnik about problems with emerging technology then how we go ahead?
new technology always gives knowlege,facilities and make our life easy. this 3g technology giving our life,work very easier. and emerging technology comes with problems but the problems not reamin long time. day by day the world is going smaller and global by the use of technology.
so if we find technology than problems are nothing for us.


"Do we choose technology OR does technology choose us" - Kessels
Whenever there is discussion regarding new innovations this question strikes to me.
No doubt that New information technology is bringing together computer based hardware human skills and knowledge in unique ways that are capable of changing yesterday’s production line workers into today’s knowledge workers.But ever we have think about problem creating due to new technology!!!!
What will be the result of 3G technology. We are solving problems or creating new problems?? Have you ever think upto which limit we will be dependent on technology in near future!!!!
Still I am in search of answer of Kessels's question..

Puthyvuth SOK

Dear Prof. Baets and Group Members,

Reading the aritcle and your posts are very interesting indeed. What I got from the article is that it's clear that those huge database is not really helping me to be "knowledgeable" or competence toward my goal. Indeed, I'm very thankful for all these data that I can have access to, but I'm not so sure if it has made me "knowledgeable" or more competence.

In fact, I have become so reliant on it that I don't really bother to try to learn or remember anything online because I will always have access to it whenever I need it. But even when you find something interesting online and try to understand and learn it. You probably will forget about it as soon as you finish reading it. As you can see, it hasn't really make me a more competence in my ability.

I think what this article is trying to get at is how a great CEO become a great CEO? Obviously, from his experience and what he has learnt from the path that he walked. So our question would be what would be a good pedagogy that can allow us to be something along the line of a great CEO? If we should incorporate 3G technology to make a better pedagogy, so be it. I also think it's a good idea, but only as part of the new pedagogy.

RAY Niraj

"Life is empty vessel without science and Techonolofy" its true,now a days we can see technology is growing in seconds and it has many benifits,
but at the same time it has some loopols also ,for example - man has created an Aeroplane and it make human go from one country to another easily with less time but that aeroplane created a biggest tragedy called 11th sept "WORLD TRADE CENTRE"

David Locke

Of whom is Kessels speaking when he says us? From a technology marketing perspective, some are self selected for technical enthusiast participation and others are not. And, when you get to the phobics, they will take on their technology when it is embedded. There is no one us!

Likewise, within us, we are introverts and extroverts depending on the situation. We are technical enthusasts or phobics in relation to technology on the basis of our risk tolerance and interests. I can dive into software without risk. But, I won't have laser eye surgery. My vanity doesn't overcome my reliance on my eyes.

We focus on less than ten things at any one time. Each thing we focus on has a risk (fear) factor we tolerate only so much risk, so we tolerate only so much technology.

When technology is finally embedded and we no longer recognize it in our environment, we no longer fear it. So technology has its own risk scale. And, we synchronize our risk scales to get through life.

We choose it, it chooses us. We make it, it makes us. It disappears, we don't mind.


it's sure that new technologies is usefull but they are not vital. i mean that we can live without them and we are becoming attended. How will you do without all this technology, now we are used to it so we can't live without it. is it a good think?
i don't think so. it must help but non remplace
technology is abstract and do not tranlate the reality but we are doing like if it does. it simplifises the reality and change it

LOIDL Alexander

As the article talkes about all the staff the "third generation" is capable to do I started asking myself: does a human like me need this? Is it something which makes my life easier? Do we really need more confusion for doing basics? Watching TV, writing an e-mail, using this thing as credit card, as telephone, as diary and I dont know what else. Is it that what our society is looking for? Is it an effort, a help or is it just a little bit more "complexity" which I mean in this sense negatively. Do we get dependent on a machine which rules our life. What happens if there is a dysfunction? Do we die of starvation because of this error in the microchip in the fridge, so that no food was ordered? And connecting all those new forms of - useless - technology with databases which of course increase dramatically the risk of facing difficulties, is it that what we are looking for? Can we succeed? I am really pessimistic about such a type of technology. Now I have to think of my first mobile. With that one I could phone hours and hours but I could not take pictures send e-mails, receive the forecast and compose my own sound. Now I can do this all, but unfortunately, the battery is worse, the capacity of saving numbers is lower and and and Thank you new technology.

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