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  • This BLOG has a double purpose. It aims to contribute to the discussion and development of the academic field that could be situated in between complexity theory, knowledge management, innovation and learning; in summary a more holistic and systemic approach to management. As such it reflects the activities that take place in the Euromed transversal research track on this subject. The Home Page and the Reading host this contribution. In the News and Discussion sections, this BLOG is used to animate courses in the area of “Complexity and the Networked Economy”, "Knowledge Management and Learning" and "A quantum interpreation of business".

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I totally agree with you! We have to believe in the BLOG!
Yes, it's new, we have to learn how to use it, but it's really a luck that we can't ignore!
Of course, I think about all countries, developed and non. The BLOG is a new way to learn, to teach, but also to live! It's a new way to reach everyone, all around the wolrd, very re-actively! It has no frontiers!
We can exchange ideas, dreams, hopes with the worldwide population, we have to learn from each other!
But as I'm also realistic, I know that it's difficult for certain populations to get an Internet access, to get the information! (Information is power, isn't it?)
So we have to give them all the ways to change this situation, to give them information.
We have to find solutions to solve that big problem!
The BLOG should become a "worldwide forum" or "agora"!
So let's begin in our small net, let's try to convince our neighbours, our closely relations,our professional partners and I'm sure that in a few months these small nets will be transformed in a "worldwide net"!


Indeed the BLOG is an very adaptative way of learning. You can learn when and where you want. But you need an internet acces. Well this reduces the possibility since there are plenty of places in the world that don't have it. Let's just say that the problem above is just one that the BLOG cannot solve directly. I think this new way of learning is really good but for people who are already at the top of the learning process. Indeed, the BLOG cannot motivate people. Would you ask a machine to make you feel confortable with this or that material. I don't think so. Although a myriad of things can be learnt thanks to it, only those related with technics, highly theorical could be learnt efficiently. I would't try to improve my oral communication skills with the BLOG. So to sumarize, this new way of learning increases the inequalities, because it is for wealthty and knowledged people who are motivated and want to improve their theorical knowledge. However, it is a great idea, and we should think about how to solve those problems. A system that mix human learning and e-learning, that I assume you talked about in the hybrid school, could be this solution (at least for motivation and human-related skills).


I think that thierry is right, when He say that blogs might increase the gap between top knowledge people and the other. However, Blog is a very good place to discuss and exchange opinions. And that's the most important, a free place of exchange!


Really BLOG is place of exchange the ideas about certain topic.Its the way of building inherent knowledge.It will be a excited moment when this sharing knowledge by the way of BLOG will reach at peak point!!!


There must be someone realised the internet can be used in the pedagogy at the moment that the internet appears. Fortunately,it's being used! About 10 years ago,BBS is popular in the campus LAN in my country and so is it now. We discuss everything on the BBS such as science , school life even the love story. 5 years ago, we found BLOG a fantastic stage to show ourselves. Lots of young people used it to write their diary ,to know new friends and to link other BLOGs. So BLOG is not new, but the usage on the discussion of science mightbe a little newer. However, because of the BBS,I really wonder whether BLOG can be more advancer than BBS. Sometimes the BLOG seems to be formaler and not so instant as the BBS. Most members are not on-line. Thus there is not a so enthusiastic environment, is there?
Of course, we are trying to find a new way and BLOG is wonderful all the same! With the same motivation and strong confidence, iI have great respect for it and you all.


Indeed, the blogs are on the way to become a true phenomenon. You only need to look at their proliferation on the Web: directories of blog, current events of blog, tool for the creation of a blog...
As everyboby noticed it, the blog represents a revolution in the world of education. But could the blog be used and generalized with the companies? Indeed, how to use the blogs in a company? Can we earn money with a blog? The blog should allow the collaborators of the company to find answers to their questions: for each need, service in hands, because a blog is above all a web site wealth in contents, frequently updated. It is the key of success!


I really think that the "blog" is a good way to exchange ideas and complete our knowledge but it must not become the only way of learning.
But I don't really think that thierry is right, when he say that blogs might increase the gap between top knowledge people and the other !!!

marine seddik

Je trouve que la conception du blog est une bonne idée car il nous permet de partager des informations entre élèves et professeurs. En cours on n’a pas toujours l’opportunité de s’exprimer parce que l’on est nombreux, et qu’il est vrai que les professeurs ont un timing à respecter au niveau de la gestion des cours. Le blog permet donc à chacun de s’exprimer plus librement et lorsqu’il le veut, et quand il en a la possibilité.
Par ailleurs, l’idée de mettre en place les cours en e-learning permet aussi de responsabiliser les élèves tout en leur donnant plus d’autonomie. Chacun est par conséquent libre de gérer ses cours et de s’organiser comme il le veut. Cela permet également aux étudiants qui sont à l’étranger de participer plus activement à la vie de l’école.


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