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Specialties : Complexity, Innovation, Knowledge and Virtual Learning Professor

Nationality : Belgian

Euromed Marseille courses :
- Complexity and The Network Economy
- Knowledge Management

Training :
- PhD in Industrial and Business Studies at Warwick Business School (UK)
- MSc in Operations Research and Econometrics from the University of Antwerp (Belgium)
- BSc in Applied Economics from the University of Antwerp (Belgium)

Working Experience :
- 13 years: Professor, Researcher and Consultant
- 13 years: In Strategic planning and IS consulting

Affiliation :
Member of the International Editorial Boards of "The journal of Strategic Information System", "Information & Management" and of programme committees of international conferences in Information System (like ICIS and ECIS)

Distinctions :
- "Teacher of the Year Award" (Nyenrode University, NL)
- Winner of an Award for Excellence 1997 of MCB (publisher) for the publication of an outstanding paper in "The Learning Organisation"

Publications / Symposiums :

- Publication - 01/01/2004
"Wie orde zaait zal chaos oogsten: een vertoog over de lerende mens"

- Publication - 01/12/2003
"Virtueel leren in de organisatie"

- Publication - 01/08/2003
"Cultural complexity: a new epistemological perspective"

- Publication - 01/01/2003
"Virtual Corporate Universities: A matrix of knowledge and learning for the new digital dawn"

- Publication - 01/01/2000
"The Hybrid Business School: Developing knowledge management through management learning"

- Publication - 01/01/1998
"Organizational Learning and Knowledge Technologiesin a Dynamic Environment"

- Publication - 01/01/1998
"Information Technology and Organisational Transformation"


Research and Consulting (Complexity, Innovation and Knowledge) - Virtual Learning - Philosophy of Science - Research Methodology - Flamenco - Scuba Diving